Barbie Hsu's mother coming around to her sudden marriage, says Dee Hsu

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Barbie Hsu's mother coming around to her sudden marriage, says Dee Hsu

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Barbie Hsu's mother coming around to her sudden marriage, says Dee Hsu


Barbie Hsu’s sudden marriage with former boyfriend DJ Koo Jun-yup took not only her fans but even her own mother by surprise, causing some friction between the mother-daughter duo. But it appears the two of them are working it out, according to Barbie Hsu’s younger sister, Dee Hsu, who recently spoke to the media about the matter.

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"My mother, my two sisters and I are extremely close. Of course she has concerns as our mother, but she loves her daughter so there's no way she can (stay mad) at her for long," the younger Hsu said.

The siblings’ mum, Huang Chunmei, had made her thoughts about the marriage pretty clear. She mentioned in earlier interviews that she was kept in the dark about the marriage and only found out about it the day before it took place.

And in one recent social media post, Huang had a photo of roosters pecking at each other and captioned it, “Don't snatch my daughter away. I'll peck you to death”.

However, Taiwanese TV host Dee Hsu revealed to the media that her mum may be slowly coming around to accepting Koo. “She called me to say she saw clips of Clon appearing on our old variety programmes and said Koo was really good-looking then.”

Koo was in a band called Clon in the 1990s, when he first met Barbie Hsu and they had a short-lived relationship.

As for Dee Hsu herself, she said she, too, was surprised about her sister’s sudden remarriage but felt that Barbie was “lucky” as she knew how “deeply in love the two of them were back then”.  

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