Das Hubble-Teleskop entdeckt eine neue Galaxie mit einer mysteriösen Umgebung.
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Das Hubble-Teleskop entdeckt eine neue Galaxie mit einer mysteriösen Umgebung.

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Most elliptical galaxies are found in galaxy clusters. However, new images of galaxy NGC 474 taken by Hubble show some interesting images. Instead of being surrounded by galaxy clusters, NGC 474 is in a relatively empty region. Additionally, the galaxy is surrounded by shells.

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NASA says it may be the result of NGC 474 absorbing smaller galaxies. Many believe that this may have happened billions of years ago. No one was certain that a tidal crust formed around it. how do galaxies NASA's Hubble Telescope has made some amazing discoveries. for beginners Observations spanning

nearly 30 years have taught us a lot about the expansion of the universe. Additionally, telescopes recently captured images of two galaxies trapped in a dance. We saw a galaxy surrounded by beautiful shells.The galaxy in question is NGC 474 and is an elliptical galaxy. Hubble recently

captured close-up images of the galaxy, revealing more about its size. Scientists estimate galaxies to be 2.5 times the size of our Milky Way galaxy, but as I said above, the galaxy's size is about two times the size of our Milky Way galaxy. This size isn't the only interesting feature.

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